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A Bit About MOO Isle of Man

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Moo Music is one of the fastest growing UK franchises with over 180 farmers (franchise holders) bringing music and sensory fun to under 5’s in over 1350 post codes. Recently the franchise was also launched in Australia, where it is proving to be just as popular down under.

All the songs, and there are over 125 of them are original, they were written by a professional song writer and recorded by professional musicians and vocalists using real instruments. The songs were written for children but adults love them too and adults tend to find them selves humming the tunes long after a Moo Music session ends.

You can find out more about Moo Music in the UK here



Hello and welcome to Moo Music for the Isle of Man. My name is Jen and I started my Moo Music journey in October 2019. I am a mum to one energetic little boy who loves to sing, dance and play silly games. I am also a registered childminder, after doing some research and investigation into Moo Music I decided that this was right MOOove for me as I have long wanted to give office work a rest and do something that is both rewarding and fun and would give me the opportunity to spend more time with my son, so I took the giant step and brought Moo Music to the Isle of Man. We run our musical fun and interactive music sessions for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old every week and It's a fantastic way to make new friends - both for the children and the adults alike! Come and join the fun with Maggie Moo, Ollie Oink, Doris Duck, Henry Horse, Holly Hen and Barry Baa. We hope to see you all soon for some MOOsical fun!

Early exposure to rhythmic sounds can aid language and literacy skills. Moo Music songs have been written in a way in which children can learn about and understand the world around them. Words and actions in certain songs which have associated actions allow children to make connections as and when they begin to read and write. 

Moo Music is loved by babies, toddlers and older children too… and 
as mentioned above, their parents, carers and grandparents as well.

A few of our original catchy Moo Songs

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